Robot round-up: The latest Iron Man 3 suits are revealed and another Pacific Rim Jaeger poster

Iron Man 3/Pacific Rim banner

Besides being filled with grumpy cat memes, a billion pictures of babies and awkward status updates from your mom, Facebook is a great way to help promote a movie. Sure it's a little easier when it is a big-budget Hollywood film but Facebook is still an invaluable tool that connects fans and is extremely useful in building an audience for a film that hasn't been released, which is important for smaller films that need that exposure.

IRON MAN 3 and PACIFIC RIM certainly aren't small films but both have been utilizing Facebook lately to reveal some images and posters from their movies.

The Iron Man Facebook page has been releasing images of the different suits from IRON MAN 3 as part of their "Unlock the Armor" sweepstakes and the latest two suits to be unlocked may be the last we see for a while. They are the Mark 35- Disaster Rescue Suit "Red Snapper" and the Mark 39- Sub Orbital Suit "Gemini". The Mark 39 was shown back in January in toy form and it was rumored at the time that the suit might make an appearance at the end of IRON MAN 3 as part of a tease for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. While it's not certain if that's true or not, the suit will make an appearance in the film and that means Tony Stark is probably going to space at some point or another.

Iron Man 3 Mark 35

Iron Man 3 Mark 39

Not to be outdone, PACIFIC RIM has been rolling out character posters of the giant Jaeger robots that appear in the film on their Facebook page. We've seen the Russian and Japanese Jaegers and now  it is China's "Crimson Typhoon" turn for a close-up. I really like the designs of the Jaegers so far and how they differ according to what country it is from but I still worry a little that the action and editing will be so fast we won't be able to appreciate the work that was put into these giant robots. It was also a problem in the TRANSFORMERS films in my opinion but I damn sure have more faith in Guillermo Del Toro than I do in Michael Bay.

Pacific Rim China

IRON MAN 3 is out May 3rd, 2013 and PACIFIC RIM hits theaters on July 11th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Which Jaeger has been your favorite so far?



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