Rogue One ticket sales marked by long waits & a new TV spot

Like many STAR WARS fans out there I've been getting the sweats waiting for ROGUE ONE tickets go on sale. But it's time to take some deep Vader-esque breaths, because the wait is over as of a few hours ago. Tickets have gone on sale for the movie, even though tickets for last year's FORCE AWAKENS went on sale that October. Granted, this movie won't be as big as that one, but fans like me want to know our places in the packed auditorium are secure, diminishing odds of sitting alone next to the guy with bad B.O. In fact, so many people have been waiting that Fandango has already reported some crashing issues with the site (via Deadline), establishing a “wait room” for people to buy tickets. They addressed the news with an appropriate tweet:

If you’ve been designated into one of these digital wait rooms and it seems like an eternity of waiting is upon you then pass the time away with this new TV spot for the film, the title of which reminds you to breathe. I mean, they’re sort of piggy-backing off what I said earlier, but still:

I don’t know about you but I already got my tickets the moment they went on sale for the Thursday night show on the 15th, but if you haven’t got anything now is the time to do it. This movie will be the biggest of the Christmas season, and is tracking to open between $100-$140 million. ROGUE ONE acts as the first in a long line of planned STAR WARS spinoffs, going back to before the events of A NEW HOPE, and even promising a bit of Darth Vader action. There are plenty of other movies coming next month, but with STAR WARS in the mix, they're all second options for those who don't get their tickets in time...Craig!

Get your tickets for ROGUE ONE here so you're not left out when the movie hits December 16.

Source: Deadline



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