Roland Emmerich discusses Will Smith and Independence Day Resurgence

Our own Chris Bumbray is currently visiting the set of INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE in New Mexico and seeing all kinds of cool shit, some of which he's been able to share and some of which is held under embargo. Today, Fox held a special live stream that had the cast and crew of the film onstage and talking about the long-awaited sequel with a Q&A session held towards the end. Naturally, the question of Will Smith being in the film was brought up, as many had anticipated seeing Smith show up as a surprise announcement to the cast. Unfortunately, that's not the case (or at least, it doesn't seem to be) and director Roland Emmerich addressed the topic, giving some insight into the direction they're going with Smith's character and how he plays into the sequel.

Check it out:

And here's the full response written out for those looking for the black and white:

Well, you know, at the very beginning I wanted to work with him and he was very excited to be in it, but then after a while, you know, he was just tired of sequels and he did another science fiction film, which was a father/son story [AFTER EARTH], so he opted out. I was first very disappointed, but then actually a couple friends told me that this could be a great chance to try something new and I said maybe I should. It took me three years to figure that one out, but actually in the end we figured it out.

And, now it's like a handover. But, the deal with the disappearance of Will Smith...I don't want to give it away, but in a very kind of respectful manner and he's still part of this universe, but it's mainly like kind of a little bit of a handover from the old generation to the new.

So, it looks like Smith is not likely to return and certainly not in a lead role even if he does. All that said, it sounds like Emmerich and co. have a firm plan on how to deal with his absence and an overall vision that carries the torch of the franchise without him. What do you think? Does an ID4 sequel need Smith or is it good enough to take flight without him?

INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE hits theaters on June 24, 2016.


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