Rumor: Frank Miller meeting with Zack Snyder for Batman vs. Superman movie

Here's a pretty cool rumor surrounding the BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN movie.

When the project was announced at Comic Con, fans were overcome with excitement. Then the next logical train of thought, okay well there's two was: 1. Who will play Batman? (don't worry we'll cover that this week) 2. What story will they go with?

Before the logo was flashed for everyone to see, Harry Lennix read some dialogue from Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Then BOOM! Snyder said that they wouldn't be adapting the graphic novel that pit the two heroes together in a brutal knock down drag out.

A source close to Miller told The Independent this:

“Frank had no idea the announcement in San Diego was going to happen so it did come as a surprise. He’s going to be meeting up with Zach in the next few days to go over the plans for the Superman film so things should be clearer after that.”

Perhaps Snyder is trying to get some tips and clues on what he should do with the film instead of pull directly from Miller's work. The film could be a combination of several comics that Batman and Superman have been in, or it could be an original work. Will be interesting to see what they come up with.



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