Rumor: Simon Kinberg looking to write & direct the next X-Men film

Although X-MEN: APOCALYPSE may not have received the reception which Twentieth Century Fox was hoping for, there's still plenty of stories left to tell in the X-MEN franchise as well as a great deal of money to be made. Simon Kinberg, who has been involved with the X-MEN franchise for over a decade, may be set to take on an even larger role for the next X-MEN film as Collider is reporting that Kinberg is looking to direct the project.

The film would serve as his directorial debut and Collider states that Kinberg has already penned the script. There are several X-MEN projects in development, including DEADPOOL 2 and NEW MUTANTS, but this film would be a follow-up to X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Sophie Turner made reference to the film, which you may recognize by its rumoured title X-MEN: SUPERNOVA, just last week by confirming her involvement. This should come as no surprise since it seems that the franchise is once again moving towards the Dark Phoenix story-line. Be sure to take all of this with a grain of salt at the moment, but I'd imagine that we should be hearing something more concrete before too long.

Sound off below, how would you feel about Simon Kinberg making his directorial debut with the next X-MEN film?

Source: Collider



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