Ryan Gosling will face Carousel in the remake of Logan's Run

Well, it looks like the remake of LOGAN'S RUN might be getting off the ground after all.

Warner Bros. are finalizing a deal for Ryan Gosling to star in the remake. Also included will be his director on DRIVE, Nicolas Winding Refn. The original LOGAN'S RUN from 1976 was entertaining to say the least. It's one that I really don't mind getting a reboot.

This project was run through the mill several times. Everyone started to care about it when Bryan Singer showed interest in directing, then he dropped it. Later, Carl Erik Rinsch (THE GIFT) came in next with a new take and also ended up exiting. Rinsch is now helming 47 RONIN starring Keanu Reeves. The solid script from Alex Garland (28 DAYS LATER) is still in place.

Deadline has the deets on the project:

"In Logan's Run, Gosling will play Logan 5, a "Sandman" whose job it was to put to permanent sleep those who try to escape mandatory death, the downside of the blissful existence in the domed city that protects the inhabitants who survived a 23rd Century apocalypse. In the William F. Nolan novel, the age of extinction was 21, but it was changed in the original film to match up with original star Michael York. That age works great for Gosling, who just turned 30."

Production starts this fall.

Extra Tidbit: People always talk about the sexy factor of Jenny Agutter in this film, but where's the love for Farrah?
Source: Deadline



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