Ryan Reynolds rolls out Deadpool's last-minute Oscar bid

Despite being released less than two week ago, DEADPOOL has been kicking ass with both movie fans and box-office alike. DEADPOOL is already the highest grossing film in the X-MEN franchise (domestically at least, it still has a ways to go before it matches DAYS OF FUTURE PAST's worldwide gross) and you'd think that Ryan Reynolds would be happy with all that critical and commercial success for his long-awaited dream project, but no, Reynolds wants gold, Oscar gold. The actor took to Twitter in order to toss DEADPOOL's hat into the ring during the last few hours of Oscar voting.

DEADPOOL is currently playing in theaters, and while we're talking awards, today is also the last day in which you can make your voice heard in JoBlo's 15th Annual Golden Schmoes! Head on over here to vote on your favourite movies, actors, actresses, directors, and more of 2015. If the Academy Awards are more your speed, you can also enter JoBlo's 16th Annual Oscar Prediction Contest. In addition to those sweet sweet bragging rights, there's also the chance to walk away with some cold hard cash.

Extra Tidbit: How long before a shiny gold Deadpool Oscar actually becomes a thing? Soon I hope, I want it.
Source: Twitter



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