Ryan Reynolds & TJ Miller on Deadpool, marketing, hugh jackman, shots & more

Y'know, sometimes you do a junket and talk to some cool people, but it's not always the case that you happen to love the movie they're currently in. That doesn't stop you from being a professional, of course, but it can sure up your enthusiasm if you happen to love what they're selling. And I sure as shit loved DEADPOOL. As a comic nerd, film geek, and all around aficionado of great films, I loved the whole chimichanga. So, getting the opportunity to talk to two of the film's stars, Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller (Erlich!) was an absolute pleasure. Reynolds worked tirelessly throughout the years to help get the film made and the passion (as well as his male bits) are all up on the screen.

I sat down with these two at a bar in San Francisco that was made to represent the secret mercenary location in the film known as Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Girls where I geeked out a bit on the film before talking about the marketing, X-MEN: ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, Hugh Jackman, GREEN LANTERN, fans, DVD extras, reading the comics in Ryan's voice, and finish off with a round of blowjobs. Man, what a day!

Below are some shots from the junket, which supplied, of course, alcoholic beverages of the DEADPOOL blend, chimichangas, appropriately-worded coasters, and cool signage. I also managed to sneak in a selfie with Ryan, so that doesn't suck either. Good times!

DEADPOOL opens this Friday!

Source: JoBlo.com



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