Sacha Baron Cohen's next film Grimsby will be released Summer 2015

Sacha Baron Cohen's next film as writer and star will be titled GRIMSBY and is now slated for a release in the already busy summer season in 2015. Unlike his films BORAT, BRUNO, or THE DICTATOR, GRIMSBY will be released by Sony instead of Paramount. Director Louis Leterrier will take the camera for this project instead of Cohen's longtime collaborator, Larry Charles.

GRIMSBY is switching studios for an undisclosed reason, though it doesn't seem to be financial as Cohen recently signed a deal with Paramount for two more films. Cohen did release the following quote, in French, about the studio change.

“Any studio that puts out a movie where Leonardo DiCaprio snorts cocaine from a hooker’s anus is a place I’m happy to call home.”

Ah, Sacha Baron Cohen, classy as always.

It remains to be seen if GRIMSBY will follow the same mockumentary format as BRUNO and BORAT or if it will take a more narrative route like THE DICTATOR. Of Cohen's films, the mockumentary format has been the most successful. Leterrier is an interesting choice as director as he is best known for helming CLASH OF THE TITANS and NOW YOU SEE ME.

Co-written by Baron Cohen, Phil Johnston and Peter Baynham, GRIMSBY focuses on a British black-ops spy whose brother is an idiotic English football hooligan. Baron Cohen plays the latter.

I like Sacha Baron Cohen, but I think his schtick can sometimes wear thin. He is best used in movies like HUGO and TALLADEGA NIGHTS where he plays a supporting role and doesn't have to be the main focus for the entire film. I hope GRIMSBY is a step in the right direction rather than down the path Adam Sandler has taken, where every film is a carbon crappy copy of the previous one.

GRIMSBY will open July 31, 2015.

Source: Deadline



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