Saïd Taghmaoui unsure of Bond villain role after Danny Boyle's exit

Not much has been said about the state of BOND 25 ever since director Danny Boyle exited the production, citing "creative differences" as the reason for his abrupt departure. However, during a recent interview with The National, a private English-language daily newspaper published in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, WONDER WOMAN actor Saïd Taghmaoui has stated that his participation in the film now remains uncertain.

While speaking with The National, Taghmaoui confirmed that he was to play the villain in BOND 25, though after speaking with the film's producers, lines began to blur. “We don’t know who the director will be, and the producers don’t know if they’re going to go Russian or Middle East with the baddie right now. I literally just received a message saying: ‘If they go Middle East, it’s you. If they go Russian, it’s someone else. Taghmaoui then added, "It’s the story of my life. Always on that line between something that could change my life and something that disappears.”

As far as we know, Boyle left the project due to not being able to tell a "specific story" that he and writer John Hodge had cooked up. With Boyle out, and the script having been tailor-made for his directorial flair, BOND 25 could be headed for a hard reset in several regards.

Would you like to see Taghmaoui in the villain role? Or, would you like to see Craig square off against a Russian-born foe? Personally, I'd very much like to Taghmaoui outsmart one of cinema's most legendary super spies. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: The National



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