San Andreas' Brad Peyton to direct Dwayne Johnson in Rampage

SAN ANDREAS may not have crossed the billion dollar mark at the global box office, but simply earning $460 million for a movie that is not a sequel or based on an existing franchise means a lot in Hollywood. So, if you cannot necessarily make a sequel to it, do the next best thing and reunite as many involved as possible. That is why Brad Peyton is going to direct RAMPAGE.

We first learned about RAMPAGE last month when it was revealed that Dwayne Johnson would star in the adaptation of the 1980s arcade game. It was already set to be a SAN ANDREAS reunion as producer Beau Flynn worked on both films. Now, Deadline says Peyton is in talks to reunite with Flynn and Johnson for the third time (they all previously collaborated on JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND).

The plot details of the screenplay by NON-STOP scribe Ryan Engle are still unknown beyond the fact that the film will follow the same core monsters from the video game, a wolf, lizard, and gorilla, as they destroy national landmarks with only Dwayne Johnson standing in their way. I would anticipate this to be a very special effects heavy movie that should be a little less dour than SAN ANDREAS in regards to tone. Dwayne Johnson may be one of the only actor who could command such a film on his own and his work with Peyton has proven to be a lot of fun.

RAMPAGE is scheduled to go into production as soon as Johnson finishes work on FAST AND FURIOUS 8 next year which means it will likely be set for a 2017 release.

Source: Deadline



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