Sandler & Spade find trouble in new red-band trailer for The Do-Over

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By the end of this week, a new Adam Sandler movie will have been unleashed upon the world, this time a team-up picture with David Spade for Netflix called THE DO-OVER. Based on your previous experiences with Sandler flicks, you may have already made up your mind on whether or not you're even going to give this movie the time of day. However, from the look of the final red-band trailer for THE DO-OVER, there might be one surprising asset the film has going for it that might elevate it above your expectations... and that's Spade.

Spade looks to have shed much of the smart-ass-ness that has defined nearly every character he's played throughout his career, in favor of something more sympathetic, more identifiable, more grounded... and that may make him the most tolerable he's ever been. David Spade has grown up, and this may finally be a look at him doing work that bears watching. Granted, you may have to tolerate Sandler to get there, but, for the potential of Spade alone here, THE DO-OVER may warrant a watch if I've got a few hours free in the near future.

THE DO-OVER hits Netflix as of May 27.


Source: Netflix



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