Sandra Bullock will keep Quvenzhane Wallis from getting adopted in Annie

For a woman who spent most of her career on television, when Carol Burnett took the role of Miss Hannigan in ANNIE she knocked it out of the park. A woman who is clever, funny, and has the quickest of quips fit the role of one of meanest ladies ever to grace the big screen.

Now that the movie adaptation of the broadway musical inspired by the comic strip (phew!) is getting a remake, or update so to speak it looks like Sandra Bullock might be the one to bring something new to Miss Hanningan.

If Bullock signs on she will play the sometimes tipsy, hag of a woman who runs the orphanage but hates children. Quvenzhane Wallis is already set to star as Annie, the little firl that lives under Hannigan's roof. Jamie Foxx is set to star as the modern day version of Daddy Warbucks who is now called Benjamin Stacks. Clever.

However, Bullock may not have this part just yet. Early in March the Sony had talks with the actress and she wound up passing on the role. The studio is now back at the table with Bullock to hopefully get her on board.

Production on ANNIE is said to begin this Fall with a late 2014 release.

Source: THR



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