Say Anything Too? Cameron Crowe admits talking sequel with John Cusack

Cameron Crowe is returning to filmmaking after a six year break following ELIZABETHTOWN. He's got the Matt Damon/Scarlett Johansson project WE BOUGHT A ZOO due in December and the Pearl Jam documentary "Pearl Jam Twenty" debuting on PBS this fall. Crowe took to the stage at the Television Critics Association this weekend to talk about the latter and let slip about a sequel he's been tossing around.

Perhaps Crowe's most beloved film, SAY ANYTHING..., is surprisingly the one film that Crowe says he'd be interested in revisiting. When asked about sequels, Crowe said, "I do kind of think there might be another chapter to [SAY ANYTHING...]. I’ve thought about it from time to time, and talked to John Cusack about it."

Exactly what a SAY ANYTHING... sequel would entail or the level of the discussions between Crowe and Cusack remains unclear but I'm guessing it'd be some kind of BEFORE SUNRISE/BEFORE SUNSET type situation where we pick up the Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court characters over 20-years after the events in the original film.

It's likely that this is all very pie in the sky at this point and a SAY ANYTHING... sequel will probably never happen. But it's interesting to wonder what Crowe has in his mind for the characters in a potential sequel, which he admits, "It’s the only thing I’ve written that I would consider doing that with.”

Would you want to see more of Lloyd Dobler or are you happy having him live on through the original film?

Source: Indiewire



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