Screenwriter Max Landis is working on a Houdini script with a Lovecraftian influence

Have you been waiting for a proper movie about legendary illusionist Harry Houdini? There's been TV movies, B movies, and there was supposed to be a mini-series with Adrien Brody that focused on Houdini. The point is that there's never been a major motion picture that has successfully brought him to life.

Sony has hired Max Landis to work on a new draft of their HOUDINI flick. Here's something of interest to note-- sources say that the script is influenced by HP Lovecraft. I can actually see this working as long as Houdini isn't matched up with Cthulhu, though I'd probably be really interested in that if it were a thing.

Let's put it this way: this could be something really good or really bad. I get all the visions of Lovecraftian imagery and influence which are ultimately at war with each other when a subject like Houdini is introduced into the picture. I'll give Landis CHRONICLE which is all I have to go on aside from an episode of the series FEAR ITSELF.

Landis still has a couple of projects on the way like FRANKENSTEIN with Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy as well as AMERICAN ULTRA with Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg.

Source: Deadline



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