Seth MacFarlane enters The Matrix and discusses his favorite movies in these new Oscar videos

I was looking forward to seeing how TED director Seth MacFarlane would approach hosting duties for the Oscars until now. Now I am torn between whether he is going to do a great job or a bland version of his usually crude sense of humor. Oscars.com has released two videos for the upcoming Oscar telecast. One is a commercial and the other a brief behind the scenes type clip.

The commercial features Seth MacFarlane spoofing...THE MATRIX? Isn't it a little odd for them to be making fun of a movie that is over a decade old? The joke isn't even that funny.

But, luckily the second video redeems MacFarlane. The star lists his favorite movies including THE SOUND OF MUSIC, DEFENDING YOUR LIFE, and FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY. Watch the whole clip and I bet you laugh at least once.

I hope I laugh more than once when the Academy Awards air on February 24th.

Source: Oscars.com



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