Six new character posters debut featuring the lovely cast of Bridesmaids

In its quest to become the female HANGOVER, BRIDESMAIDS has just released a set of character posters for its lovely ladies with descriptors of what role their character fills. Not all of them are terribly informative, but combine them with the trailer, and you get the idea.

Each poster was given to a different site, and the lucky few were Yahoo, Moviefone, ComingSoon, Hitfix, ShekNows and MSN. But I'll save you the trouble of making you go six different places, and I'll post them all below until I get yelled at for doing so.

Even as a guy, I have to admit this looks decently funny, and it would be nice to see a legitimately hilarious female driven comedy for a change. That's a comment on the industry sucking, not on females' ability to be funny.

Check out the posters below and see them bigger at the Pimpin' Poster Palace. Look for a redband trailer later today.

Extra Tidbit: Love Ellie Kempler's Erin on The Office.
Source: Yahoo!MovieFone



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