Slumdog Protest

With ten Oscar nominations and a strong favorite to capture best picture, SLUMDOG MILLIOANAIRE has everyone involved on cloud nine. But as these things often go, someone, somewhere is out to put a damper on their parade. The "someone" in question this time around, are the slum residents of Mumbai, India--where the story takes place--who claim that the word "slumdog" in the film's title is insulting. In anticipation of the film's Indian release, a number of Indian citizens have gone against the grain, and staged protests against the film's objectionable title.

A large portion of India does not share this sentiment, as the film has done much to promote the country and prominently features a variety of Indian actors in crucial roles. Screenwriter Simon Beaufoy says that people shouldn't read too much into the title. "I just made up the word. I liked the idea. I didn't mean to offend anyone," he said.

I guess nobody likes being called a dog, except maybe Clifford, but really--I don;t quite get what all the fuss is about. Nicholas Almeida, a social activist who organized the protest, said he planned to file a lawsuit on Friday to get the name changed, which is just plain absurd. What are your thoughts on this--do the people of India have reason to cause such a furor, or are they just being sensitive little babies?

Extra Tidbit: The protest took place outside Anil Kappor's house, who plays the host of the game show in the film.
Source: Assoc. Press



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