Snake Outta Compton is, yes, a real movie

Listen, I know I'm playing right into the filmmaker's hands here. I doubt SNAKE OUTTA COMPTON will be that great (or even bad-great, like BIRDEMIC or 1313: COUGAR CULT), and will probably just be a lame, cheaply-made B-movie that's too calculated to be batshit insane, and too competent to be a cult classic, ala SNAKES ON A PLANE. But, goddammit, it's a slow news day and the pun made me laugh. So sue me, I'm only human.

Anyway, here's the official synopsis:

A young rap group suddenly finds themselves up against a giant, mutated snake that threatens to destroy their search for stardom! Aided by two corrupt cops, a crazed gangster, and a mad scientist, the band has one thing to do before getting the record deal they need; get that motherf**kin’ Snake Outta Compton! Prepare yourself for dope ass beats, unfriendly fire, and the biggest, nastiest snake you’ve ever seen in this outrageous satire of creature features, urban gangster films, and hip hop culture.

And here's the poster:

So what do you Schmoes think? You down to see rappers fight off a giant, poorly-rendered, googly-eyed snake monster in an ostensible spoof film? Either way, sound off below!

Meanwhile, SNAKE OUTTA COMPTON should be released sometime next year.

Extra Tidbit: Honestly, the fact that it's a spoof will probably make it worse. Remember all those "_____ Movie" movies in the early '00s?
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