Snakes on a Babe!

UPDATE: Well, it didn't take long for a bunch of our readers to find the nekkid picture in question. Remember that the girl is NUDE, so don't open this at work or in front of your folks or girlfriend or something. Click HERE to see the photo in question or click HERE to be taken to this lovely lass' picture gallery.

After all was said and hyped with SNAKES ON A PLANE this past year, the film -- in my humble-ass opinion -- came through in exactly the way it was intended to do, which was to entertain, entertain and entertain. The film had laughs, easy scares, boobies and Samuel L. Effin Jackson! I enjoyed it (read my review HERE) and will likely buy the DVD when it hits Amazon on January 2nd. Maybe the film will gather a "cult following" on DVD, who knows, but either way, you can head on over to SnakesonaBabe.com right now, and attempt to check out a hot blonde babe, simply by removing the snakes from her nekkid body.

New Line ran a similar promotion this summer with another hot chick, which one of our readers was able to hack and showcase for everyone (click HERE to see that action). If any of you are able to decipher this hottie, drop me an email so that we can showcase her goodies on the site as well. Yes, we're movie fans, but we're fans of the female form above and beyond that, hence the request. All that said, the film's euro-trash theme song was hor-rible: "Oh, I'm ready for it, come on, bring it"? Bugh. PS: The site also allows you to enter to win a trip to Hawaii.

Source: New Line Cinema



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