Sony wants Safe House's David Guggenheim to pen Bad Boys 3

Hey everyone, look! We're talking about BAD BOYS 3 again!

Is this cause for excitement? Depends on how big of a fan you are, if you are at all. I enjoyed the first installment when it first debuted back in 1995, and even now it's still a good for a watch. The second was okay in my opinion. To be fair, I saw it once then never revisited it. So a third one? Are we a little past the expiration date at this point? Though I really do love Martin Lawrence.

After some restructuring over at Sony, the studio has decided that in order to make good, solid pictures they need to spend a little money on better writers (obviously). So in the case of BAD BOYS 3, Sony is looking at David Guggenheim to script. Guggenheim's last picture was SAFE HOUSE starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. He's recently been working on Doug Liman's NARCO SUB, McG's PUZZLE PALACE, and the video game adaptation of UNCHARTED/DRAKE'S FORTUNE.

Though Michael Bay did direct the first two installments of BAD BOYS, he is not in place to direct right now. The only person attached is producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The studio would like to get the original cast for this so expect to see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence jump back in their roles, unless they done with it which I doubt.

Are you ready for another BAD BOYS film?

Source: Deadline



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