Sorry Terry Gilliam, but Johnny Depp is making his own Don Quixote movie

Looks like Johnny Depp got tired of waiting for Terry Gilliam to get THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE back on track. The troubled film was the subject of the great documentary LOST IN LA MANCHA and was to tell the story of an advertising executive, who finds himself unstuck in time, unwittingly travels between modern day London and 17th century La Mancha, where he participates in the adventures of Don Quixote, who mistakes him for Sancho Panza. Twelve years after production commenced, I think it is safe to say it will never happen.

Deadline broke the story that Johnny Depp has not given up on the classic Cervantes novel. The Depp pitch was purchased by Disney who will bring the modernized tale to life from a script to be written by Steve Pink and Jeff Morris,.

Disney will likely be aiming for this to be a family friendly adventure along the same lines as THE LONE RANGER. Cervantes novel is dense and full of satire which would make for an excellent update. But, no mention is made whether Depp himself will appear in the film or simply act as producer.

Here is to hoping this project comes together better than Gilliam's attempt.

Extra Tidbit: Disney is closing a merger that will give them full ownership of Johnny Depp.
Source: Deadline



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