Swiss Army Man music video shows all the ways Daniel Radcliffe is useful

daniel radcliffe, swiss army man

The farting corpse movie with Harry Potter in it has its own music video. 

SWISS ARMY MAN, the talk of Sundance for better or worse, is about as unique as they come. People say they want original movies to be delivered to their local movie theaters. They might not get more original than this.

Being stranded on a deserted island leaves young Hank (Paul Dano) bored, lonely and without hope. As a rope hangs around his neck, Hank prepares to end it all, until he suddenly spots a man (Daniel Radcliffe) laying by the shore. Unfortunately, he is dead and quite flatulent. Using the gassy body to his advantage, Hank miraculously makes it back to the mainland. However, he now finds himself lost in the wilderness, and dragging the talking corpse named Manny along for the adventure.

See... I told you. The farting corpse movie with Harry Potter in it (which our own Chris Bumbray found to be just okay while out in Utah).

In any event, A24 has a tall task in front of them in selling this picture, so they've decided to go the music video route to gain awareness for the absurd premise of their film. They've tapped Manchester Orchestra members Andy Hull and Robert McDowell, who created the film's soundtrack, to create more original music to be paired with a montage cut of all the ways Dano makes use of Radcliffe's body. And that is how we get this interesting look at SWISS ARMY MAN that, at least for me, has me intrigued and curious about the full film that awaits me on the other side. 

And, if you want more where that came from, you can head HERE to play an online game for the film where you can toss around Daniel Radcliffe's limp, lifeless body however you choose. It's good for a few minutes of procrastination. 

SWISS ARMY MAN heads into limited release starting July 1.


Source: A24



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