Syfy developing a DMZ television series with Mad Men and Gravity producers

Looks like another comic book property is heading to the small screen. Deadline has learned Syfy will be working with former Mad Men producers Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, and GRAVITY producer David Heyman on a new television series based on the DC comic DMZ. Written by Brian Wood and with artwork by Riccardo Burchielli, the comic is set in the near future where another civil war has turned Manhattan into a demilitarized zone. Photo journalist intern Matty Roth is dropped into the carnage, and after an attack, gets trapped in the DMZ.

Routh doesn't just have to deal with the two armies (the United States government and the secessionist Free States of America) in the DMZ. There are also 400,000 other people also stuck on the island of Manhattan. Brian Wood has described the setting as, "Think equal parts Escape from New York, Fallujah, and New Orleans right after Katrina," and it's an excellent way of explaining DMZ.

If you haven't read the comics, you should pick them up immediately. I've read most of the series, and it's incredible. They're addicting as hell, and you won't be able to stop after reading the first trade paperback. Dark, gritty, depressing, and just a little scary, DMZ is a fantastic series, and I have my fingers crossed Syfy won't f*ck up one of my favorite comics.

Extra Tidbit: DMZ fans: who do you think should play Matty Roth?
Source: Deadline



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