Sylvester Stallone goes full Marlboro Man in first Rambo 5 pics

Hey yo, pardners, acclaimed filmmaker Sylvester Stallone has recently taken to his personal Instagram account to announce that filming has begun on the long-awaited RAMBO 5. As a part of this momentus event, The ROCKY and OVER THE TOP alum has posted two new images from the set of the new film. As you can see from the pictures below, John Rambo appears to be embracing his inner John Wayne as the Vietnam vet has taken to riding on horseback while enjoying a Marlboro Man-style retirement.


Tonight we start filming…!

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... Comes a Horseman Wild and Free. @rambomovie #rambo5

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The RAMBO franchise first began chewing bullets and snapping necks in 1982 with FIRST BLOOD, a film directed by Ted Kotcheff, co-written by Stallone, and based on David Morrell's 1972 novel of the same name. Since that time, the RAMBO film series has documented the life and times of a tortured and ruthless Vietnam veteran whose skills are unmatched by any who are unfortunate enough to challenge him or those he's sworn to protect. While much about the upcoming sequel remains unknown, I have it on good authority that, after the character made his way back to the states, Stallone has been pushing the "ranch hand" life for his legendary character. Furthermore, it's also been floated by Stallone, via the EXPENDABLES 3 premiere, that the plot of RAMBO V will involve the character squaring off against a drug cartel. Thankfully, now that filming is underway, I'm sure that we can expect an official update on the events of RAMBO 5 sooner rather than later.

RAMBO 5 is expected to wage war in theaters sometime in 2019.

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