Sylvester Stallone tweets some Expendables 3 updates: No Steven Seagal, maybe Jackie Chan, and yes to young blood

The Expendables

THE EXPENDABLES 2 didn't really light up the box office like I'm sure Sylvester Stallone and company thought it would. The film made about $15 million less than the original in the United States (it did make more worldwide compared to its predecessor) but the movie still performed better than recent offerings from THE EXPENDABLES crew (PARKER, GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, BULLET TO THE HEAD, THE LAST STAND.)

Stallone has started some early work on the script for THE EXPENDABLES 3 and shared some information on his Twitter last night:

It's too bad Steven Seagal won't be joining the cast but his involvement wasn't really a deal breaker to me anyways. Jackie Chan had confirmed he was going to be in THE EXPENDABLES 3 but I wonder if the confirmation was just him agreeing with Stallone to be in the third film as opposed to Chan actually signing on to the movie.

I'm glad Sylvester Stallone wants to inject a bit more humor into the franchise. These films aren't suppose to be taken too seriously (which was a problem with the first movie in my opinion) and some extra humor isn't going to hurt the film.

As far as Stallone's call for young blood and a non-sex symbol female, who do you want to see added to THE EXPENDABLES 3?

Extra Tidbit: When it was first announced that they were trying to get Harrison Ford for THE EXPENDABLES 3 I thought there was no chance in hell of that happening. I still think the chances are slim but Ford seems to be a little less grumpy these day so maybe, just maybe...



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