Take a journey to the future with the Blade Runner 2049 Comic Con Experience

One of my most-anticipated movies of the year, Denis Villeneuve's BLADE RUNNER 2049 picks up where the 1982 original left off, finding Harrison Ford's Deckard in hiding and a new Blade Runner, Ryan Gosling's Officer K, on his trail. But for what? Those answers and more won't arrive until October when the film hits theaters, but for those at Comic Con this year, there was a very unique experience that pulls back the curtain on the futuristic environment of Los Angeles in this dark, rainy and atmospheric world. After a VR session that finds you on the trail of a replicant in one of the flying cars from the film, you crash into the city and exit the car to give chase. That's when the headset comes off and you enter the world of BLADE RUNNER 2049...

Pretty cool stuff. WB, Alcon Entertainment and Johnnie Walker really put some great effort into this one and it's one of the best on-site experiences you can have at Comic Con. It's events like this that make the Con a worthwhile venture for movie fans, so kudos to the studio for going all out on this one. You can check out the BLADE RUNNER 2049 Experience while at Comic Con or just watch our video again to experience it from home! Check out the film in theaters on October 6th.

Source: JoBlo.com



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