Take a look at these crazy posters from the Berlin International Film Festival!

The 62nd Berlin International Film Festival (known as Berlinale) is currently underway in Berlin, Germany, and serves as a hub for industry professionals and aspiring filmmakers alike. Each year, up to 400 films are shown in several sections, representing a comprehensive array of the cinematic world. Around twenty films compete for the awards called the Golden and Silver Bears, which are the big prize.

It's also a place for wheeling-and-dealing various projects, with handshakes, signatures on dotted lines, and souls sold for a wide array of different films. Below you will find a sampling of promotional posters from some of the more...interesting-looking films.

Some of the titles and imagery are just nuts, while others aren't half bad, but they're all totally odd. Dolph Lundgren vs. Robot Zombies, Ninjas vs. Vampires, Gary Busey, boilermakers, Mega-Spiders, and Argentinean Super Heroes...what more could you ask for?

Take a gander and share your thoughts. You can check out the whole gallery here.

Extra Tidbit: I have to admit, some of these look like a lot of fun. Which is your favorite?



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