Teaser poster for Leatherface origin story jumps right into the puddle

LEATHERFACE is precisely what happens when you run out of road on a horror franchise.

In the past, when there was nothing creatively left to do with a character or a story arc, it would all just come to an end. They'd let it sit on the shelf for a bit, maybe let it collect some dust and then clean it off later for some sort of revival that fans would get excited about.

That's not the case anymore, and when you can't go forward anymore, backward is the next best direction. Too often we're seeing horror icons dissected by dredging up their past, with the origin of their evil overexplained to the point of no longer being frightening.

Remember when Hannibal Lecter was terrifying because we didn't know too much about how he came to be that way? And then we got kid Hannibal, and it was all over. Same goes for Michael Myers and a number of others who have fallen victim to the prequel curse that plagues horror, taking the mystery away and laying everything out as a psychological breakdown of where things went wrong.

Leatherface is about to get the same treatment. Now he already went through it once before with TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING pulling back the curtain on the remake mythology. So hasn't he been through enough? Nope. When you have a character that popular, you might as well run him through the ringer twice.

That's where we find ourselves with LEATHERFACE, which is going to bring us back to the chainsaw-wielding maniac's childhood as it pertains to Tobe Hooper's 1974 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. And according to the teaser poster for the film, we're going to have to walk through puddles in order to get answers as to how Leatherface originated.

Damn... I hate having wet socks.

If that's any indication of what the film intends to be, expect a soggy affair.

Source: UHM



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