Terminator 5, 6?

I feel obligated to do a bit of rumor control on this story that’s been popping up everywhere today that during the live BD commentary on the TERMINATOR SALVATION DVD, McG proclaimed that he would be making a fifth and sixth TERMINATOR movie. This comes in the wake of the entire franchise being sold off by Halcyon, and the fact that SALVATION was considered by most to be a disappointment in every critical and commercial sense.

Here are the prime quotes from Gizmodo’s liveblog:

7:13: He just announced that he’s making another Terminator movie. Seriously.

7:16: Oh and for those people who are punching themselves in the face that he’s making another one? He said he’s making one after that.

Let’s be clear. McG is in no way authorized to proclaim that he’s actually making another TERMINATOR movie at this point. To say he WANTS to is one thing, but making that a reality is going to take some jumping through a serious amount of hoops. A bunch of hoops made out of razor wire that are all lit on fire.

But anyway, while we’re here, a few more choice quotes from the liveblog:

6:55: McG just compared his movie to The Dark Knight.

6:57: Question: how do you feel about making the horrible Charlie's Angels films?

6:57: McG: "I really like those movies. If you don't like them you can fuck off."

7:07: And now he just compared himself to Alfred Hitchcock.

7:37: Aaaaaaand he's talking about Hitler.

7:48: McG: "I'm disappointed in myself that I couldn't make the best movie." Holy shit. He just said he thought he could make a better movie than #1 or #2.

Just. Wow.

Extra Tidbit: Yay or nay on this whole live chat Blu-ray deal?
Source: Gizmodo



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