That X-Men TV show you've heard about might be here sooner than you think

Information about a film or television production can oftentimes be shrouded in mystery. Whether you’re looking to keep the details of your plot under wraps, or the reveal of a character cameo a secret from smart phone camera-happy pedestrians, vigilance is key when it comes to art of Hollywood misdirection. However, every now again, information tends to leak out, and according to the industry production database My Entertainment World, the pilot for Matt Nix’s X-Men television series will soon be moving into production.

Under the working title “Heaven”, the X-Men-based television show will begin production in Dallas, Texas in the very near future. As of the moment, the project’s official title is “Hellfire”, though one can surmise that this is merely a placeholder name until something more concrete decides to settle. As you may already be aware, X-Men film alum Bryan Singer is poised to direct the series pilot, which should have most X-fans snickting for joy. As we've reported in the past, this new series will focus on two human parents and their mutant child, who are forced to go on the run after their secret is discovered by a shadowy government organization. Once escaped, the family is expected to encounter a group of underground mutants who will usher them into the covert underbelly of mutant life on the run.

Those looking to hear the names of their favorite and familiar X-characters will have to wait a bit longer, as those details are scarce at this time. That being said, both Singer and Nix have stated that at least a few familiar faces will be joining the crowd of this ambitious and promising X-project. We’ll be sure to bring you the news as the confirmations roll in. For now, let’s just have ourselves a little daydream about Illyana Rusputin AKA Magik making her way to the screen. Mmmmm … Magick.

Matt Nix'a X-Men project will supposedly begin shooting on March 13, 2017

Extra Tidbit: As exciting as this project is, don't forget that a perfectly awesome X-related TV show premieres this Wednesday night on FX! That's right, I've seen the pilot of LEGION and it's going to be amazing! Be sure to check it out!



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