The A-Team is getting remade for another run on TV

Joe Carnahan gave it his best shot at resurrecting THE A-TEAM brand as a feature film, but audiences didn't bite (Too bad... a highly underrated action flick). 20th Century Fox Television is willing to bet that things might be different if they bring the brand back to TV, as they set out to remake THE A-TEAM for another run as a series. 

Produced by Chris Morgan, who is otherwise producing and penning the FAST & FURIOUS films, and Tawnia McKiernan, daughter of the original series' creator Stephen J. Cannell, the new A-TEAM will still follow the concept of a team of Special Forces operatives framed for a crime they didn't commit. In trying to clear their names, they go about helping those in need with their special set of skills as only they can.

This time, the team will be comprised of a more diverse bunch, with both men and women as part of the squad. There is no word on casting this early as to who could fill out the new A-TEAM, but I do hear Mr. T isn't up to much these days, so it is entirely possible he could be the one guy they definitely bring back. After all, what's an A-TEAM without Mr. T?

Source: Deadline



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