The Dark Knight to get limited IMAX re-release to mark 10-year anniversary

Ten years ago today Christopher Nolan released his groundbreaking sequel to BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT, in theaters to universal acclaim and record-shattering box office. To this day it remains the high mark for comic book movies and is one of the most iconic movies of the 21st century. The anniversary of its release will be marked with plenty of think pieces and reflections, but the best way to commemorate the monumental movie will be to catch the movie during its newly-announced 70MM IMAX re-release, courtesy of Warner Bros.

The studio announced today through a press release that the movie is being put back into theaters starting August 24 in four select IMAX locations where it will run for one week. Moviegoers will be able to catch the movie in San Francisco (AMC Metreon IMAX), Los Angeles (AMC Universal Citywalk IMAX), New York (AMC Lincoln Square IMAX) and Toronto (Ontario Place Cinesphere IMAX). Tickets will go on sale July 20.

The press release reads:

With “The Dark Knight,” Nolan broke new ground—shooting select sequences of the movie with IMAX film cameras—making “The Dark Knight” the first major feature film to utilize IMAX 70mm film and take advantage of the format’s massive scale and increased resolution. The movie was hailed by both critics and audiences and went on to be the top-grossing release of 2008. In the years since, Nolan has continued to pioneer the use of IMAX film cameras, employing them on an even greater scale in “The Dark Knight Rises,” as well as “Interstellar” and, most recently, “Dunkirk.”

The exclusive limited engagement will offer the public an extremely rare opportunity to see “The Dark Knight” on the biggest screens possible, as it was intended to be seen—in IMAX 70mm film—offering a uniquely immersive cinematic experience.

Though Marvel has spent the last ten years changing the face of how comic book movies are made, THE DARK KNIGHT remains the most celebrated singular comic book movie ever made. Nominated for eight Oscars, winning two for sound editing and Heath Ledger's transcendent work as The Joker. At the box office, the movie broke records with a $158 million opening and ending its run with $534 million, at that time becoming the third highest-grossing movie ever. We can even thank it for the reason why the Oscars expanded their Best Picture slots to include as many as 10 movies after it was snubbed for a nomination in 2009. 

This is a fantastic opportunity everyone should take advantage of if they can. I saw the movie in IMAX ten years ago and it's an experience I remember to this day. Seeing it on such a large screen is exactly how it was meant to be watched, as you need to properly absorb the larger-than-life performances and action. If you are in any of these cities be sure to get your tickets this Friday, because if they sell out fast enough maybe some other cities can get in on the good stuff too!

Source: Warner Bros.



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