The f*ckin' Catalina Wine Mixer is real

Anyone who has ever enjoyed the hell out of STEP BROTHERS knows all about the f*ckin' Catalina Wine Mixer. (If you haven't seen the Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly comedy yet, I won't spoil its importance, but you really should get your life straightened out immediately.)

Well, for many, myself included, we never realized that this glorious event wasn't actually a real thing. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be? Wine, 80s Billy Joel cover bands, helicopter rides... It seems not only plausible, but something that should exist on pure merit alone.

But it has been but a fantasy all the years, lending false hope to fans of STEP BROTHERS who one day dreamed of venturing out to Catalina in order to take in the festivities.

That is... until now.

Because, as of this year, the f*ckin' Catalina Wine Mixer actually exists.

Out at the Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island, the first-ever Catalina Wine Mixer will take place, packed to the gills with live bands, DJs, gourmet food and fine wine. I would also imagine a nice turnout of boats and hoes, but that's just speculation from my nice amount of common sense.

The Dan Band will headline the event, with AMERICAN IDOL's Adam Lasher and artist Tom Solis also hitting the stage. No word on if Ferrell or Reilly might come together for a Prestige Worldwide reunion of sorts, but they damn sure better. Come on... it's the f*ckin' Catalina Wine Mixer. Where else would they need to be?

General admission tickets will run you only $25, plus whatever airfare you're going to have to fork over in order to be a part of this historic happening, or you could have laid down 100 bucks to go V.I.P., but that option appears to have sold out.

One thing is for certain - this is the place you are going to want need to be.

The Catalina Wine Mixer happens on September 13.



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