The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to receive a brand new trailer this Wednesday in celebration of Tolkien Week

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It's Tolkien Week! And not only is it Tokien Week, but the mutual birthday of Bilbo and Frodo falls this coming Saturday (the 22nd), so break out the ale!*

Below you'll find a video of Peter Jackson announcing his team's contribution to Tolkien Week, revealing that said contribution will be in the form of a brand new trailer (rumored to last two minutes and twenty five seconds).  Which means that the video below is basically a teaser for a trailer, but instead of giving glimpses at the footage we're treated to Jackson's jovial face and very endearing New Zealand accent.

I think its safe to say I like this version of trailer teasing a whole lot better than a sizzle reel filled with snippets of footage overlayed by Entertainment Weekly's commentary.

*I may or may not be a bit overzealously excited for Tolkien Week and the shared birthday of Bilbo and Frodo, and drinking ale may or may not be soon greatly contributing to that excitement. Meanwhile, don't forget to check back throughout the week for any updates that Peter Jackson shares regarding THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY - we'll have them up as soon as they become available!

Extra Tidbit: Once the Blu-Ray/DVD of THE HOBBIT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN hits around Christmas 2014, how long do you guesstimate it will take to have a marathon of Peter Jackson's six Extended Editions?
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