The Mortal Kombat web series is kicking into production

That live-action MORTAL KOMBAT - REBIRTH short film that arrived last summer proved to be exceptionally popular, and since the game's roster of oddities and all the gratuitously gruesome action are returning to consoles in April, it's also a perfect method of giving KOMBAT fans an extra dose of bloodshed.

A digital MORTAL KOMBAT - REBIRTH series is currently underway in Vancouver, and brings back chief asskicker Michael Jai White (BLACK DYNAMITE) and sexy ex-Borg Jeri Ryan to reprise their parts as Jackson 'Jax' Briggs and Sonya Blade.

Also adding to the fisticuffs as Kano is Darren Shahlavi, who appeared in 300 and played the villain in IP MAN 2.

Returning behind the camera is Kevin Tancharoen (who probably got more attention from his MK short than for directing the recent FAME remake). "It’s extremely gratifying to have such talented actors playing these iconic roles," said Kevin Tancharoen, Director, Producer and Co-Writer of the new series. "They will bring the essence of ‘Mortal Kombat’ to life and gamers will be deeply immersed into the game’s universe."

Each episode will provide never-before-revealed insights into characters featured in the upcoming videogame as well as the game’s universe, and "delve deep into the history of the warriors", including Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub Zero and Liu Kang. While it's unclear if the new series will keep or ignore the events of the original fan film (below), it will retain a similar tone and visual approach.

Extra Tidbit: I can't even read the words MORTAL KOMBAT without hearing that theme song shouting in my head...
Source: Warner Bros.



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