The Muppets are apparently brainwashing kids against capitalism

We normally try to stay away from politics on this site, and for good reason. Those sorts of conversations usually regress pretty quickly into something incredibly annoying, but I just had to comment on this latest bit of ridiculousness.

The mainstream media wants to get upset about violence of sex in movies? Fine, that's always going to happen. But when they start calling The Muppets communists? That's where I have to draw the line.

The segment below ran on Fox Business and it says that THE MUPPETS teaches and anti-capitalist message to kids as the villain of of the story is an oil baron named "Tex Richman" (Chris Cooper) who wants to destroy the Muppet studios to drill for oil. So that's an anti-oil and "class warfare" double whammy, and Fox, naturally, could not let that slide.

What follows is an infuriating seven minutes of this insanity, acting like The Muppets are the first movie to ever use a greedy businessman as the lead bad guy. And you know what? There happen to actually be A LOT OF GREEDY BUSINESSMAN BAD GUYS IN THE WORLD.

Extra Tidbit: Is like how HAPPY FEET was pushing the homosexual agenda?
Source: NYmag



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