The Predator SDCC panel brings laughs and builds anticipation for the film

San Diego Comic-Con is officially in full-swing, and we've gotten word from our Weekend Warrior, Paul Shirey, that THE PREDATOR panel has taken over Hall H.As our way of bringing you the latest news and observations from the con, we'll be posting updates to our official Twitter account throughout the weekend.

As we join Paul inside the hallowed ground that is Hall H, we come to find that those in attendance are being treated to a featurette that includes amusing banter from the movie's cast and crew. 

THE PREDATOR's Olivia Munn also offered her opinion as to who is the slickest badass in recent cinematic times:

I honestly don't know of too many people who would disagree with Ms. Munn's observation.

As the panel continued on, it seemed to take a hard left turn at Shane Blackville. What do I mean by that? Here, you can read it for yourself below:

During the panel we also learned that Sterling K. Brown, who plays Will Traeger in the highly-anticipated action pic, has given some thought as to which Disney characters might stand a chance against a Predator:

After treating the audience to a few laughs, fans were given a look at an extended sequence featured in the upcoming film:

According to Shirey, Keegan Michael-Key looks to have a chance of emerging as a fan-favorite of THE PREDATOR:

After some well-deserved yucks from Michael-Key, Jake Busey began reminiscing about the days when his father, Gary Busey, was on the set of PREDATOR 2:

Next, Black elaborated on the reason why the Predators don't approve of their newest champions falling to the people of Earth:

Shortly thereafter, the crowd was treated to another scene where the "super" Predator engages in a battle with a "normal" Predator. Please keep in mind that the following tweet contains a mild spoiler for the film. In other words, read at your own risk.

Naturally, as fans were permitted to ask the panel their most burning questions, the discussion reverted back to the Predator vs. scenario. Typical.

That last one, while funny, is a bit much. Here's some free life advice, folks. Never date a Predator. I mean, have you seen what's underneath that mask? That's a face that only a mother could love, and even then.

Oh, and this just in, apparently Thomas Jane has something of a foot fetish. Perhaps I'm reading a little too hard into this next tweet, but ... well, you can judge for yourself: 

Well, it looks like that's all for the Hall H presentation of THE PREDATOR, folks.

Shane Black's THE PREDATOR will arrive in theaters on September 14th. Be sure to stay close as we cover more of the action from this year's San Diego Comic-Con celebration.

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