The "teaser for a trailer" trend strikes Rian Johnson's Looper

Looper full banner

Unlike other "teaser for a trailer" videos that we've seen in the past though, this one actually delves (albeit briefly) into the plot and themes of the movie while being intercut with both behind-the-scenes footage and proper footage.  Hence, as with just about everything Rian Johnson does, I would deem this particular "teaser for a trailer" a definite cut above the rest. 

Check it out below, and check back on Thursday for the full trailer. 

I know I will.  I'll wait all day at my computer if I have to in order to catch a glimpse of a reunion between Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt that deals with time traveling hitmen and raises deep thematic questions.  And after all, September 28th isn't that far away, right? Right...

Looper poster is awesome

Extra Tidbit: I know most of you are very excited to see this - what could be a new production development so horrendous that you would lose all interest?



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