There may well be more than one Highlander and his name could be Ryan Reynolds

I'm sure this will rattle some cages, especially as there are some very extreme HIGHLANDER fans out there, but apparantly Summit Entertainment is in negotiations with Ryan Reynolds to pick up the sword of the immortal Connor MacLeod in a reboot of the popular series.  Currently, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 WEEKS LATER) is set to direct the pic after Justin Lin (FAST FIVE) dropped out of the running some time ago.

Reynolds has yet to line up his next project after the successful SAFE HOUSE and the recently completed R.I.P.D.  Of course, we all want to see him wearing a red and black suit and sporting multiple personalities (as well as the swords, of course) for DEADPOOL, but that's quickly becoming the project that everyone talks about, but never happens.

After the failure of GREEN LANTERN, Reynolds has likely reevaluated the course of his career, so it's probably safer to tackle more action oriented films rather than comic book adaptations.  Who knows? 

Personally, I'm down for a reboot of HIGHLANDER.  I love the first film in all its cheesy glory and Queen soundtrack ridiculousness, but the sequels and TV shows did nothing for me.  I'd enjoy seeing an updated version that could take the fight choreography to another level and create the opportunity for another badass villain role so beautifully acted by Clancy Brown in the original.

What say you?  Ryan Reynolds as an immortal sword-wielding badass or Ryan Reynolds as a red and black clad psycho mutant sword-wielding badass?

More as this develops...and check out the trailer for the original here.

Extra Tidbit: I really dig Reynolds in comedy roles, but I think he's got potential for leading man status in action type roles. However, I hope he continues to do comedies, as Waiting... is still one of my all-time faves. What do you think...comedy or action Reynolds?
Source: Variety



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