This bizarre trailer for Quentin Dupieux's Wrong comes with a JoBlo.com seal of approval

If you have seen director Quentin Dupieux's RUBBER, you have an idea of the madness that will be in store in WRONG. RUBBER's main character was a murderous car tire, so obviously we are not dealing with the real world. Instead, Dupieux's films blur the line between fantasy and reality into an odd hybrid that is just plain fun to watch. While they may not be for everyone, they are definitely worth the time if you have an open mind and imagination.

The trailer for WRONG has so much right, it is hard to start in one place. Everything about it is quirky and weird and demented, which are criteria that I have for most indie movies. Star Jake Plotnick has the thankless job of playing the straight man in this movie that includes numerous weirdo supporting roles. Fan favorite William Fichtner even shows up as an oddly accented zen master.

But, words cannot describe a Dupieux movie. Watch the trailer and keep an eye out for JoBlo.com's seal of approval!

Plot: Dolph Springer (Jack Plotnick) awakens one morning to find he has lost the sole love of his life—his dog, Paul. Desperate to reunite with his best friend and to set things right, Dolph embarks on a journey which spirals into the realm of the absurd. On his quest, he drastically alters the lives of several severely bizarro characters, including a promiscuous pizza delivery girl (Alexis Dziena), a mentally unstable, jogging-addicted neighbor, an opportunistic French-Mexican gardener, an eccentric pet detective (Steve Little) and most mysterious of all, an enigmatic pony-tailed guru, Master Chang (William Fichtner) who imparts his teachings to Dolph on how to metaphysically reconnect with his pet. From fearless cinematic surrealist Quentin Dupieux, the director behind the head-exploding Rubber, Wrong is a wholly original and hilariously hallucinatory universe all its own.

Whatever your take on what you just saw, I urge you to give it a shot. WRONG opens in theaters on March 29th and February 1st on demand.



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