Update: Thor star Chris Hemsworth, from Thunder God to Snow White's Huntsman

UPDATE: Deadline says Hemsworth has accepted the Huntsman part, which will probably need some tweaking to fit the Aussie's age.

May 2, 2011: Snow White's mentor seems to be getting younger and younger.

After Johnny Depp opted out, Universal started talking with Viggo Mortensen for the part in their fairy tale action-adventure SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. But when The Vig walked, the studio chased Hugh Jackman, who also ultimately passed (perhaps in the hopes that THE WOLVERINE would find a replacement director sooner rather than later).

Now they're after beefy Aussie Chris Hemsworth, who is undoubtedly about to be a hot Hollywood commodity after THOR lands this weekend (the movie has already pulled in about $100 million from last weekend's overseas release).

In this version of the Grimm tale (from writer Evan Daugherty and commercial director Rupert Sanders), the Huntsman takes in the banished Snow and teaches her to fight. But given the shrinking age gap between this character and star Kristen Stewart, the filmmakers may be shifting from father figure to something potentially more romantic.

The studio is facing fairy tale competition from Relativity's BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE, with Tarsem Singh directing Armie Hammer, Lily Collins and Julia Roberts.

Two of Hemsworth's finished movies, CABIN IN THE WOODS and the remake of RED DAWN, still await release.

Extra Tidbit: Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Michael Fassbender were also considered/pursued for the Hunstman role. Is the list of viable actors in Hollywood really short?
Source: Deadline



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