Til Schweiger to remake his own action movie as his English language directing debut

Til Schweiger and Luna SchweigerTil Schweiger played Hugo Stiglitz in Tarantino's INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, a character that oozed so much coolness and aplomb that it's no wonder fans have expressed regret that he wasn't in the movie more.  Schweiger, a superstar in his native Germany, is currently filming a movie that he co-wrote, directs, and stars in called THE GUARDIANS (SCHUTZENGEL in German).  The movie's main role is played by Schweiger's daughter Luna, and "follows an orphan girl who witnesses a murder. Schweiger’s character Max Fischer takes on the task of protecting her until she can testify in court." 

The movie is set to release in Germany this September, and while there's no word whether it will make its way to American shores Warner Bros is already circling a remake which would be directed by Schweiger himself and shoot at the beginning of next year.  Schweiger has said he intends to recast all of the roles except for that of the orphan girl (who would be played by Luna Schweiger again), with an offer already being out to Billy Bob Thornton to play Max Fischer's friend.  Hopefully there'll be a trailer for the original version of THE GUARDIANS that we can show you some time in the coming months.  

Schweiger last directed and starred in a romantic comedy called KOKOWAAH, which grossed about $43 million in Germany.  Not bad for a Basterd.

Extra Tidbit: I feel for whatever kid tries to date Luna Schweiger, because her dad is one scary dude. I'm sure he's really a nice guy, but... damn. Just, damn.



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