Todd Phillips announces production has wrapped on Joker movie

Between the paparazzi photos and Instagram posts we’ve seen more than our fair share of glimpses from the set of Todd PhillipsJOKER movie with Joaquin Phoenix, but we may be done with pics of criminal clowns for a while. Yep, the suits and shoes have been put away and red noses saved for another day because production has officially wrapped on the standalone origin movie that still seems weird to admit actually exists.

Phillips took to Instagram to announce production has wrapped on the movie with a photo of him near the wall of what might be an asylum of sorts. Anything could be going on there! Arthur Fleck/Joker may be volunteering his time there, or perhaps visiting his sick grandma who he’s trying to raise money for. Certainly nothing nefarious.

We’ve been seeing tons of BTS pics from this movie thanks to some leaked photos and ones provided from the director himself, including short video teases of the lead character in full makeup and Zazie Beetz’s character. It’s certainly more glimpses at the movie than you would we would get from any other major comic book flick where the filmmakers would want to avoid spoilers leaking, and yet, we still have no clue what to really expect from this origin movie. Opening next October, the movie is set to explore the origin of the famous Batman villain, but it stands apart from the rest of the connected DC movie universe where Jared Leto plays the tattooed baddie, most recently in SUICIDE SQUAD.

Now that the big chunk is done and editing is getting underway it may not be all that long before we see some actual footage from the movie. They haven't been shy about sharing BTS glimpses so far, so a short teaser isn't out of the cards. That's good because after seeing so much of Phoenix's Joker in that red suit and makeup I'm anxious to see that he brought to the character. I don't need much more than to hear whatever cackle he brought to the character, so any brief listen to that would be quite welcome. 

JOKER is set for October 4, 2019.

Source: Todd Phillips



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