Tom Cruise is in over his head on new The Mummy poster

THE MUMMY has debuted some new footage in the last week or so, and so far the reception has been pretty positive, if not without dissenters. A good amount of people are digging the action/adventure vibe, while others think it’s entering generic, bloated blockbuster territory.  For anyone still confused what the style of the movie will be a main poster has just debuted featuring a city in ruins and Cruise looking quite overwhelmed. Explosions and spectacle this will assuredly be, and the only thing missing is Godzilla himself:

Nothing too special, but at least there’s some design to it. The city isn’t so much on fire as it is evaporating into clouds of sand, which is kind of cool I suppose. I don’t see this being the final poster, but it could be the last one we see for some time, and given the lack of design on the last two I’d say this is the cream of the crop so far. See, proof that Cruise does make everything better.

THE MUMMY arrives June 9 with Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe and Annabelle Wallis.

Source: Universal



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