Tom Hardy takes on biopic about Arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton

The story of Ernest Shackleton is begging to be a movie. He was a tough explorer who made three expeditions to the Antarctic, which would honestly be badass enough. However, he's most famously known for his trip with the ship the Endurance, where it was crushed by ice, yet Shackleton was still able to get out alive with all of his crew in sub-zero temperatures. Damn.

Many attempts to produce the film were made, but logistics were always a problem. Fortunately, with technology and special effects the way they are now, the story of Shackleton can finally be told right. And none other than Tom motherf*cking Hardy has been tapped to play the hardened sea captain himself. And, you know what? I can definitely see it. Hardy can play a badass in his sleep. Furthermore, there's a sensitivity to Hardy that he always plays just beneath the surface, which could help humanize Shackleton, especially when his crew's lives are in danger. 

I for one hope this film gets made, because Shackleton sounds fascinating, and I'm always interested in whatever Tom Hardy's next project is. 

But what about you guys? Looking forward to this? And what other historical explorers you think deserve the biopic treatment?


Extra Tidbit: This wouldn't be the first time Tom Hardy took on a real person, having played the infamous criminal in BRONSON and the Kray Twins in LEGEND.
Source: Deadline



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