Transformers 2 talk

Scott Farrar, visual-effects supervisor and second-unit director of Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS has been talking a little bit about what's being planned for the sequel we've been hearing about: "It's a circus, and they're going to raise the tight-wire walker a little bit higher next time... But it's all going to be dramatic. I think the commitment is not to just chuck out a sequel. The commitment is—and this makes us really happy here—that it's a deep story. There are lots of layers to the story of all these Decepticons, everybody. And so they want to really keep the characters rich." Ummm really? I kind of fell out with the whole TRANSFORMERS mythos, a couple of seasons after the '86 movie, but I'd consider myself knowledgable on the TRANSFORMERS and I'm pretty sure that Megatron was just an evil dude. Sure, he's presumably dead now, but I don't think Starscream was just looking for someone to love him either. And keep them rich? Because so much time was taken to make sure we understood Bonecrusher's peril last time around? Did I miss the scene where his father abused him? I don't know, I still very much want this movie to happen.
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Source: SciFi Wire



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