Two more scripters jump aboard rewrites on Marvel's Ant-Man

Marvel continues to fine tune ANT-MAN in the wake of losing Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. While they were replaced by BRING IT ON director Peyton Reed and ANCHORMAN screenwriter/director Adam McKay, further assistance is needed to get the film ready for release next summer. Latino Review is reporting that two additional writers have been brought into the fold to see ANT-MAN through to it's final draft. They are Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer.

While those names may not instill sudden faith in the project, Ferrari and Barrer have gained a good deal of industry acclaim for their Black List script DIE IN A GUNFIGHT. The pair are also working on the upcoming big screen SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH, which may dampen any faith you had to this point. The writers are being brought on as production writers to make any adjustments or rewrites needed on ANT-MAN as production continues.

While this is fairly standard for any Hollywood film, the need for two more writers brings the total roster for ANT-MAN up to five. As is commonly thought, more writers does not usually mean better product. It remains to be seen just how different the final screenplay for ANT-MAN will be from Wright and Cornish's original version and whether they will even get credit in the end. What this does mean is that Marvel is under no circumstances going to let ANT-MAN miss it's release date of July 17, 2015, for better or worse.

Source: Latino Review



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