Two screenwriters back from the set of Pacific Rim tell us what they witnessed there

Guillermo Del Toro with the right hand of doomTo me, Guillermo del Toro is just about the coolest dude on the whole planet. But I will spare you the depth of my love for the best thing Mexico has ever given the world, and instead jump straight to today's news. Screenwriters Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (FEAST, PIRANHA 3DD) were brought in to do a bit of script doctoring on Guillermo's monster-epic PACIFIC RIM, and shared in an exclusive interview over at FEARnet these responses to what they witnessed while in Toronto (where Guillermo is shooting):

Patrick Melton: "It is going to kick major ass. It's giant monsters versus giant robots, and Guillermo del Toro is the only person who could bring it to you. That was an amazing experience, because we read the script, and so we went in knowing what the producers and studio wanted us to do; and we went in and met Guillermo, and he started showing us the tests by ILM. They were just mind-blowing. I think they'll probably show something at Comic-Con 2012... I'm telling you, it's gonna rule Hall H when Guillermo, the king of geeks, comes out and shows some of the stuff he's shot."

Marcus Dunstan: "We've been denied a Guillermo del Toro movie for a few years now, and we had the feeling in sharing some time with him that there's been a well, that became a dam, that became a crushing force waiting to burst and give everything to Pacific Rim. I think he's the Santa Claus of fantasy, and he's going to gift everyone with an experience. Bring dad, bring the kids, bring everybody, and hold on."

Melton again: "This is a PG movie.  Most of his stuff is pretty edgy, for the most part. Nothing below PG-13 that I can think of. So this is his sort of four-quadrant movie. But it's got all the traits of a Guillermo movie, with the monsters and the younger characters and the things that go bump in the night."

PG? Not that that's bad, but it sounds a bit suspicious for a movie involving giant alien/monster/robot battles crafted by Guillermo del Toro.  But that's just it: crafted by Guillermo del Toro.  Not that he can do no wrong, but... well, I trust the guy.  I have faith that he'll still be able to deliver everything he wants and more within a PG framework.  Ratings get pushed an awful lot these days, and if there is anyone who can successfully champion telling children the kinds of darker, layered stories that were once used I'd say it's Guillermo. 

Updated: PACIFIC RIM is definitely PG-13.

To mix and match my geek metaphors - I believe in del Toro.

Guillermo Del Toro with spectacles

Extra Tidbit: I think "the Santa Claus of fantasy" is a pitch-perfect moniker for Guillermo Del Toro in every way possible.
Source: FEARnet



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