Uber chick flick?

The New York Times has an article this morning on something very disturbing. No, not Quentin Tarantino's ego, but something that can only be described as THE UBER CHICK FLICK. Apparently pleased to punch with the success of the ensemble romantic comedy HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, New Line is developing a new, more powerful, romantic comedy. Think of NOT THAT INTO YOU as Weapon X and they're working to develop a Weapon XI. Enter VALENTINE'S DAY. A movie spawned off a release date (Valentine's Day is on a Sunday in 2010 and could spawn a huge opening weekend off a Friday release), it would be directed by Garry Marshall (PRETTY WOMAN) and assuming all negotiations proceed without a hitch would star (get this): Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Shirley MacLaine. Somewhere a Lifetime network executive is having a heart attack.

Marshall says that Ashton Kutcher and Bradley Cooper are in talks to join the film as well (somewhat odd for Cooper who also starred in NOT THAT INTO YOU) as the male leads. If Matthew McConaughey comes anywhere near this thing we might hit DEFCON 1. As far as the plot goes, it's exactly what you would think. A bunch of pretty Los Angeleans struggle with love. Crying, kissing, flowers, chasing, calling, smiling, winking, laughing, swooning and pratfalls all ensue.

Extra Tidbit: God help us all.
Source: NY Times



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